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Sharon Meredith


My work is inspired by the natural environment along with the people who work to protect it. With portraiture, I embed community engagement practises into my methodology and enjoy exploring concepts of transformation to create thought provoking pieces that are empowering both for the viewer and for the subjects I work with.  I approach my work playfully, and love experimenting with different equipment and photographic techniques with my work. I have fun playing with projectors, long exposures and light painting equipment. I am blessed to live in the beautiful coastal town of Mandurah, and the best part of my work is getting out and about in the gorgeous surrounds, exploring and photographing the local local landscape. My main aim in all my work in to convey the beauty of the natural environment in hope to inspire others to advocate and fight for its protection. 

George Final 20x24 sign V3.jpg
Kirstin Field Final 20x24 V2.jpg
Vicki v8 (20x24) v4.jpg
Paw1 BW unsigned.jpg
1 Paw Colour.jpg
Hammelin Bay Morning 1.jpg
Mutton Bird3.jpg
Nat Portrait Exhibition signed.jpg
IMG_7637 signed.jpg
DJI_0434 high res.jpg
Banksia menziesii.jpg
DSC05414 Desaturated low res.jpg
Male- signed2.jpg
Female feather-signed2.jpg
Plains signed.jpg
The Gardener2.jpg
DSC04698 - signed.jpg
DSC05651 V1 low res.jpg
_MG_6093 copy_1.jpg
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