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My name is Sharon Meredith

I’m a Photographer, Videographer and Artist based in Mandurah, Western Australia. I love capturing the beauty of the local landscape and creating inspiring stories that focus on raising awareness of the natural environment and local conservation projects.

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 I am passionate about environmental sustainability and environmental justice and am motivated by opportunities to make a difference and contribute locally to solutions. My work over the past fifteen years has been focused on raising awareness of environmental issues, showcasing local solutions to the climate crisis and inspiring people to become involved in the protection of our natural environment.


Through both my studies and working career I have developed a solid experience with environmental and community engagement practises. This is complimented by over twenty years of professional experience in media. My unique skillset allows me to work with environmental agencies, understand their objectives and best communicate environmental messages and creative projects to their chosen audiences in a positive and engaging manner.


I specialise in creating photographs, videos and workshops. My aim in all my work is to connect others with the beauty of the local landscape and inspiring stories of conservation. I hope my work inspires others to protect our precious natural areas and the beauty around us that we are so lucky to have. 


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0420 232 607

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