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Sharon Meredith


I approach my work playfully, and love experimenting with different equipment and photographic techniques.  I have fun playing with projectors, long exposures and light painting equipment.  In my portraiture, I focus on individuals devoted to protecting the natural environment. I enjoy exploring concepts of transformation to create thought provoking pieces that are empowering both for the viewer and for the subjects I work with. 


Residing in the beautiful coastal enclave of Mandurah, I find endless inspiration in its landscapes, which often find their way into my studio experiments. I enjoy experimenting with lighting and creating observational pieces with flora and feathers. Ultimately, my primary goal is to convey the inherent beauty of the environment, igniting a passion for its preservation in others.

George Final 20x24 sign V3.jpg
Kirstin Field Final 20x24 V2.jpg
Vicki v8 (20x24) v4.jpg
Paw1 BW unsigned.jpg
1 Paw Colour.jpg
Hammelin Bay Morning 1.jpg
Mutton Bird3.jpg
Nat Portrait Exhibition signed.jpg
IMG_7637 signed.jpg
DJI_0434 high res.jpg
Banksia menziesii.jpg
DSC05414 Desaturated low res.jpg
Male- signed2.jpg
Female feather-signed2.jpg
Plains signed.jpg
The Gardener2.jpg
DSC04698 - signed.jpg
DSC05651 V1 low res.jpg
_MG_6093 copy_1.jpg
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