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These workshop have been carefully designed to create meaningful learning experiences. Each workshop communicates environmental messages in a positive and engaging manner and teaches photography skills in a fun and supportive environment.


Learning photography is a wonderful way to enhance observational skills and the creative skillset. The practise of nature photography helps celebrate local areas, creates a stronger sense of place and can lead to stewardship of natural areas.  


Nature photography is a doorway to engaging with nature and engaging others with nature too. By photographing what is around us, slows us down and builds our connection with the natural world.


Light Painting Photography Workshop

Light painting uses a moving light source such as a torch to add light to a subject while taking a long-exposure photograph. Participants will meet at a waterfront location at night and spend time experimenting with this technique and playing with the reflections of the water to create artistic landscapes. 

Nature photogrpahy workshop image_edited.jpg

Nature Photography for Kids

Participants will venture into the great outdoors to discover the photography basics, such as how to best compose photographs and tips and tricks for snapping stunning landscapes. The workshop with finish with a show and tell session, participants will be encouraged to pick three of their favourite photographs and discuss them with the group.

Nature photogrpahy workshop image_edited.jpg
Copy of Mutton Bird3_edited.jpg

Nature Photography for Beginners

This workshop gets participants out and about, exploring  local landscapes such as wetlands, bushland or beaches. Participants are taught photography basics, such as how to compose photographs, what makes good framing and how to work with natural light. This workshop is designed for beginners with little to no knowledge of photography practices. Best suited to ages 14 -adult.

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